About CheapChip Publishing


About CheapChip Publishing

February 13, 2018
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The road from being a blogger and photographer to becoming a publisher is not only short but very tempting. When you also have a background from the graphic industry the process becomes very logical.
The idea of making a photo book had been there for many years but I knew I would hardly get any publisher to publish it.
Sitting there with my computers and all the software the choice more or less gave itself.

Making an eBook was easy, promoting it became a bit tricky at first, but I’m the one who learns best by experience and not reading. In this process, I have learned that there are many ways to advertise and I am developing some new ideas for how to promote my next book.

For the time being my book is for sale on Amazon, iBooks and BoldBooks (in Norway).
Except for BoldBooks the royalty is very low so you have to sell many books to actually earn money. I have read a lot of stories from disappointed authors.

May be I will be selling books directly from CheapChip Publishing.
There have been, and still is, an «explosion» of indie authors, indie publishers and also indie bookstores.  They all have a different approach to what is happening around the world.

So; what about me?

Except for the book I am working on right now and my long time project; the cookbook, I do want to work with eBooks containing visual art. So even if I am busy right now you can contact me if you have an idea or may be you are already working on something that can be published through CheapChip Publishing.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are situated!

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