Crooked Teeth

Actually, the whole name is Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine. The first edition of the magazine: «Summer in The City», came as the name suggest, in July last year. It was released both in a printed version and as an digital download. The next issue, which is out now, is called «Winter in the … Continue reading

My new author page

Everyone has told me that I ought to have an author page and here it is! I am not a writer in the true meaning of the word. I make books with merely only photographs, so it's about picture books, not «proper» books. One of my followers on Twitter, who actually bought my book said; «Photos are … Continue reading

A taste of my next project

As many may be aware of, I am currently working on my next book «The Man Outside the Window». That will be the second and the last book containing my photographs. My dream has always been to make «a real, old fashion cook book» and hopefully I will get it printed when it is finished. It takes … Continue reading

David Bailey

“David Bailey has had only two love affairs in his life, one with photography and one with beautiful women. It is difficult to say which of these two affairs has taken up most of his energy, but I have noticed that – while I have often seen him with only one beautiful woman – I have never … Continue reading

A Merry Christmas to you all

and hopefully there are many books under the Christmas tree this year :) I cannot remember a year in my life that has been as hectic and gone as quick as this year. Publishing «When the Crowd Cries» has made a huge difference in my life and I would be a liar if I said that I didn’t like … Continue reading