I am working on my next book right now and I had decided
what image it would be on the cover long ago.
On my blog My Portfolio (now closed), I used it some years ago.
The title for the blog post became «The Man Outside the Window»,
describing what the picture actually is; a man outside a window
pictured from the inside of a coffeeshop.

The Man Outside the Window

When I had finished the cover my son came, saw it and said; «A you planning to write a crime thriller?».
No, I am not planning to write a crime thriller, it’s just a continuation of my previous book. The difference is that I will show more pictures of other models than AnneGrethe and write more. 

Memories and presentations of the different women I have met during my years as a fashion photographer.
The amount of text and the fact that this time it won’t be just black and white shots. Colour pictures and digital artwork of mine will also be presented.

The book is scheduled ro be released in April next year.