Everyone has told me that I ought to have an author page and here it is!

I am not a writer in the true meaning of the word. I make books with merely only photographs, so it’s about picture books, not «proper» books. One of my followers on Twitter, who actually bought my book said; «Photos are like reading to me…»
A picture can contain a whole story sometimes.

This blog post isn’t about that though, it is to announce that I have got my own author page, just like ordinary writers have. The address is https://jellestad.no It is no blog though.
Once again I have got help from Cori Amato Hartwig who I came in contact with when she reviewed my book in the first issue of the San Francisco based «Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine» A tip, the second issue i out there now!
Thank you Cori, without your contribution the new site hadn’t been the same!

Since this blog post is about me I have to admit that the beginning of this year has been hard. Computer breakdown twice because of harddisk failure, without any data loss. And then, a couple of weeks ago, my NAS broke down and all the important data with it.
Although I am a bit paranoid when it comes to computers so I keep hardware backups as well as sky services like Dropbox, iCloud Drive and OneDrive. My greatest loss is time though!
Hours, days and weeks goes away with technical matters instead of working with my projects.

«The Man Outside the Window», I had hoped to get it poised to be released in April but it seems unrealistic. A date in the fall seems more probably, maybe October or November.

I have started to review books because I am a member of «BooksGoSocial Book Review Club», and I have to review others to get my own book reviewed. «The Necklace Storm» from my last post got posted on Amazon but (of course), they wouldn’t accept all of it.
Another reason to review books it that I have to improve my English as I am doing more and more of my writing in international media.

I work with a PayPal solution to sell my book from my own site, it seems too be a bit tricky though. WordPress blogs seems to be difficult to integrate with PayPal.

And now I am of to start preparing the food for my next blog post on «LØKEN», my Norwegian food blog …