In many ways I am a perfectionist and I change things until I get satisfied. I really did not like the look of so I found out that it was time for a change.
Again …
So much is happening around me right now and I want that my websites should look the best possible. «Black Friday» gave me the push to buy   two themes; I have always used the free ones from WordPress. The professional themes give me more freedom in choosing the lay-out that I want.

Freedom is important in «the real world» too.

This was typical for the way we were thinking

I have chosen two pictures from «When the Crowd Cries» to illustrate the relaxed mood between AnneGrethe and me when we worked with pictures. We experimented to create images that stood out from the average fashion photographs, but at the same time we had fun. Really fun and often very childish …
When I work with pictures like these I realise how much i miss AnneGrethe and my studio on the wharf. The sounds of the seagulls and the smell from the sea and dried fish were relaxing. Some days we sat in the doorway to the sea and dangled with our legs, smoking and talking.
Yes, it was an atmosphere which gave us inspiration.

AnneGrethe relaxing between shots

I have had several studios but the one by the sea is the one I remember.

These pictures were created just for fun …