When I started to work with the idea of making a book with pictures of AnneGrethe, I planned for a release this august. 

To start the project I had to buy more negative preserves, both 135 mm and 120 mm. To my amazement I had to order them from either USA or England. It turned out that it was illegal to export 120 mm negative preserves from USA to Norway because they were declared as “war material”!
(Believe it or not!).
So I choose to order them from England.
It turned out that the firm was out of stock (they told me after I had paid), but after three months they arrived at last.
Then I finally could start to work with the film scans.

But …
Then I fell, broke a tiny, tiny bone in the shoulder and utterly months with new delays.

Now I am working as hard that I can and hopefully I will get the book finished in the beginning of 2017.