Several small steps


Several small steps

July 24, 2017
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And suddenly you’re there!


Of course it was a huge satisfaction for me to be accepted for a review of my book in «Summer in the City» the debut issue of «Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine».
And I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that I was very proud when I read the finished result …
And yes, thank you again Cori Amato Hartwig!
Forgotten was all those people I reached out to and who didn’t bother to answer.
Until now my book has only cost me money I have not earned anything at all.
But I have learned a lot!



For the time being it is «Booksgosocial» which is my book promoter but indeed I do a lot of the work my self. All the ads and gif’s are my doing. Once I did this for a living and once I found it exciting.

Somehow I feel that even at 64 I can say that I have work to go to. I am retired and no one had thought it strange if I had met friends at the pub drinking beer. I don’t have to do anything!
I just want to.

Right now the summer is at its peak.
Working with «When the Crowd Cries» has been inspiring. So inspiring that I have decided to make another book with my photographs.
The cookbook project is a huge pile of work. It will at least take over a year, may be two to finish.

I have learned one thing about promoting.
Get the next book out quick!
Else you are forgotten …

The picture which illustrate this post is from my blog «My Portfolio» and have nothing to do with anything in my book but it’s a pic I have used several times to say «Goodbye» and sometimes «Welcome to my world» …

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