and now an indie bookstore as well!

After I published my first book, I have learned a lot.
First and foremost, companies such as Amazon (Kindle) and Apple can do as they wish. They don’t do anything to promote you, yet they take most of the money.
They say they believe in freedom of speech, but they see their right to censor whatever they want. In my case this is especially true for images.
Since you have to pay for advertising yourself anyway, I decided to make it possible to buy my book from my own website.
I was advised to use Linklok Paypal which is a solution that contains two parts, Linklok which handles downloads and Vibracart Paypal that handles the payment.
Easy to use, and easy to install, they said …
To make a very long story short.
No! It was not easy.

A picture from my eBook «When the Crowd Cries»

I intended to incorporate these scripts on, but after many unsuccessful attempts I was wise enough to contact the developer of my theme, the Green Lantern theme from Weblizar. He has really made an effort to solve my problems but eventually he had to realize the same as me; it is impossible to incorporate the script into a WordPress blog containing .php and not .html.There should be a single .html file standing alone.

Creating an HTML page and inserting it into the theme did not work.

Fortunately for me, I had a free domain,, and I started working with Dreamweaver (It is many years since I wrote HTML code) and after a very hard start, it was actually fun 😉

«My tiny little bookstore» became the name; I have only one book to sell right now. If you are kind you can say two, since the book is available in both mobi for Kindle and ePub for iOS. I trust that there will be more books eventually; “The Man Outside the Window” will most certainly be published in the fall this year!

For the technically interested, I can say that it was impossible to put an HTML file into a WordPress blog, but doing the opposite was not difficult.
I’m not ready to publish it yet, but it will be a website with selected photographs and maybe some artwork.

I do not have any hurry though, at the moment I relax and  have a very nice  time. There is so much to enjoy 🙂