Please remove.

Since I started doing serious photography I have heard people react on “all the nakedness” in my pictures. When saying that I must admit that I don’t get that reaction in Norway or any other Scandinavian country.
The first edition of “When the Crowd Cries” was exactly like on both Amazon and iBooks. When I added some pages with text in the second edition I got the message that the book wasn’t approved because of the cover photo.

Unlike on the outside, exactly like on the inside!

Trying to discuss or even arguing with Apple is impossible so I had to change the cover photo (which make the title of the book meaningless).
I was tempted to just unpublish the iBooks edition but friends persuaded me not to.
Some people have seen the two different editions and asked me why. When I explain they all say the same; “In 2017?”.
Even in 1817 nude models were accepted!
And – in fact, there is not much nakedness in my pictures.

When I photograph women I am interested in capturing their naked soul.
Not the body!

A psychiatrist once said to me;
“People who see something pornographic in your pictures must be sick. Very sick!”