Actually, the whole name is Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine.

The first edition of the magazine: «Summer in The City», came as the name suggest, in July last year.
It was released both in a printed version and as an digital download.
The next issue, which is out now, is called «Winter in the City». I wasn’t aware that it came in January,
so my review might be late but there are no late for reviews, are there?
The name of the magazine gives me associations of the fanzines in the 1980’ties.
That’s all similarity there is though.
«Winter in the City» has a striking, clean and nearly avant garde like lay-out.

Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine - Winter in the City

Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine – Winter in the City

With it’s base in San Francisco Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine is characterized by a distinct urban profile. When it comes to the content, it is very varied; poetry, visual art, fiction, nonfiction and music. 

The poem «THE EMERALD CITY THROUGH THE EYES OF THE COLORBLIND»  Extract of the poem by O.F.R expresses quite well the magazine style.

«i am what
a city wanted to be
when it drove its teeth into the rotting neck of the muraled parking garages
when it forgot the river bleeding through the spine at the center, the couch oating down the
current lost and unwanted and mildewed in the summer rain
when it broke down the minerals in the cement and opened its manholes like i wanted to open
my veins one august night last year» 

The editor-in-chief, Andrew Halsig writes in «Letter from the editor»:

«The following works have been gathered from our base theme of city life. Some of them are quiet and simply reect on small truths such as the comfort of a neighbor’s porch light and what it is to love in a digital age. Some of them are loud and touch on themes such as gentrication, the Asian-American experience, and gender transition. It is the coming together of these messages–both loud and quiet–that create a true community. at is the vision of Crooked Teeth.»

With its 156 pages Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine is nearly a book rather than an ordinary magazine. A lot of stuff, a lot to enjoy!

Two of four co-founders, Andrew Halsig and Cori Hartwig, holding up the first issue, Summer in the City

Two of four co-founders, Andrew Halsig and Cori Hartwig, holding up the first issue, Summer in the City

The young people who have worked hard to get this issue together and «out on the streets» and I do sincerely hope that there will be «a summer in the city» this year too!

The Crooked Teeth Team: 

Andrew Halsig Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief
Cori Amato Hartwig Co-Founder & Fiction/Music/Visual Arts Editor
Chandler Fitchett Poetry Editor
Jaden C. Kilmer Co-Founder & Fiction Editor
Julia Masalska Graphic Designer

Finally, I must confess that I have a very special relationship with Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine.
When I released my book When the Crowd Cries last year, I wrote emails to nearly 100 (it might be more), magazines around the world. In a little notice on the net I heard about a new San Francisco magazine which was on the the planning stage.
So I sent them a mail too.

And – they were the only one who answered me!

And – Cori Amato Hartwig reviewed my book. The only review I got …

Thankful forever …

So if you are looking for something special;

Buy it!