«She will never be a model» was my immediate thought
when I met AnneGrethe for the first time.
Inexperienced and totally «ordinary»
and not exactly «the model type» …
Well, I couldn’t be more wrong!
When i developed her first test shots I was really amazed!
She was the kind of girl who was totally transformed
in front of a camera, she couldn’t even recognize herself in the first pictures.

“Star” an ad for “Brika” 1983

She was hired as a model for my first wife «Britt Kari» who was a fashion designer and had her own brand «Brika».
Quite successful she was too.

After the shooting sessions AnneGrethe and I used to play around with the clothes and experiment with different kind of makeups. Normally I used very little makeup or even none when I did fashion photographs. Nearly all my pictures were shot in black and white and the film’s sensitivity to red was enough for me.

My two Golden Retrievers «Balder and Nana» inspired me to the heavy black marking around the eyes and we had great fun in copying that.

I still think it came out very well.

We became friends and we also met socially outside work. It was still necessary for me to have a certain distance to her though. I was convinced that it would ruin my pictures if we came too close.
So there is not very much I know about her.

She was born in Bergen but her father was an American pilot and she had never met him. Her last name «Fuller» was his though and she used it as her own. I really don’t know her real last name.
Her greatest wish was to meet him one day and hopefully become a famous model and make him proud of her.

Unfortunately she never met him and «When the Crowd Cries» is the nearest she will become famous …