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Scrivener, a must have tool

January 10, 2017
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I think if anyone had asked me why I use «Scrivener» I would have answered, «are there anything else?»
On «Facebook» I am a member of a group of «Scrivener» entusiasts and sometimes I feel that we are all members of an obscure club …

Looks a bit frightening …

In fact Scrivener is a word-processing program designed for authors and writers. When I first tried it for over three years ago I was overwhelmed with all the features and all the possibilities and I thought, «WOW» this is complicated!
And it is …
And it is not.
For the beginner it is easy to get started and most of the «Scrivener» users who I know of has learned as “they go”. In addition to the «Facebook» group I mention there are a lot of videos on «YouTube» so you can achieve a lot with self studying.
I use «Scrivener» for all my blogging and of course I use it for the book I am working on. Normally I use «Word» to write letters but if they are complicated ones, like writing to the authorities, I use «Scrivener» first. Just to get ensured that all the facts are logic and present.
There is a free trial out there and it come in «Windows», «iOS» as well in the original «Mac» version.

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