A tale of Norse gods, Alp legends and an Italian boy.

Written by Niall O’Byrne


On a cold winter day, a ship leaves the dock in London, heading towards Rotterdam. A young Italian boy managed to get on board at the last minute. Nobody noticed that he did not have a ticket.
«The Glorious» was mainly a cargo and mail ship, but it did take on travellers.
As soon as they got out into open sea, the ship got trouble in the stormy weather. Sea went rough and the wind ravaged as it would with the ship. After a short while, «The Glorious» broke into two and sank.
The boy ended up in the sea and clung to some wreckage. A man who also fell into the sea gives him a box and the following message;
«Son you must take this box … bring it to Maria … go to the Palazzo in Turin.»
The man drowns, he can’t held on to the wreckage anymore.

This is a story about flight and persecution and a very valuable necklace. The boy has lost his memory, but in return he has got the ability to talk to animals.
So much about the story. «The Necklace Storm» is a fantasy novel, and as such, everything can happen.
And it does!

I don’t know what audience the author have had in mind when he wrote the book, but it was most certainly not a 65 year old man.

I liked the book, although it might be a little predictable at times, but that is quite typical of fantasy books. It is an adventure with historical elements, a fairytale with excitement and unexpected events.

In my opinion, Niall O’Byrne has done a decent job.

If I would give the book a rating I would have given it four out of five stars.

The book is available at amazon.com https://goo.gl/8fx5Bi