As many may be aware of, I am currently working on my next book «The Man Outside the Window». That will be the second and the last book containing my photographs. My dream has always been to make «a real, old fashion cook book» and hopefully I will get it printed when it is finished.
It takes several years to make such a book though …
The things I do right now is like a stroll down «Memory Lane». I can’t help that much of the the time I get caught by nostalgia and gets seated instead of working.

Kari, one of my models for several years.

So many models, so many good memories 🙂

I had hoped to get the book poised to be released in April but I realise that it can be hard to hold that deadline.
This time the book will contain pictures in both colour and black and white. Some photographs are commercial ones, some are portraits and some are made as art.

Others are just for fun!

Will I be banned and censored again?

Nudity are an important part of some of my pictures and last time Apple didn’t accept the cover. I have had my difficulties with Facebook too.
It feels a bit strange and I must say, compared to the pictures that circulate on social platforms nowadays, my shots are really very innocent.
In reality, I do not care, either people like my photos or they do not!

Scanning old negatives can be quite challenging some times. Dust are my sworn enemy and scratches takes time to remove. I do hope that people who read my blogs realise that there will be times when I am not available for anyone, not even family.

Every day is a new step forward though 🙂