I honestly don’t know how many hours I have spent together with my «Plustek» film scanner and the pictures for my book. Without the hardware and software like «Silverfast 8» and «Photoshop» this job had been impossible to do.
I have great experience with this software, I have used it for several years.

My reliable friend “Plustek Optic Film 8100”

I was i bit confused though when I started to work with «Adobe InDesign». I had never used it before and my only experience with tools like this is
«Quark XPress».
The price for “Quark” is too high for me, so I have chosen the «Adobe subscription pack». That’s cheaper than «Quark» even if it’s expensive.

Today I finished the last pictures I just have some text to add and my first book is ready to publish.

I even got the ISBN number!

We are going on a short vacation to London (just for a week), and after that I guess that the book is ready for the market.

Wish me luck, I need it! 😉