Of course, one can discuss what makes a woman beautiful, but being yourself is much more important than expensive clothes and make-up. A woman wearing no jewellery look more sophisticated than the ones overdoing it.

AnneGrethe had bought herself new clothes

When I photographed a new model I always asked her to wear her own favourite clothes.
Feeling well is a «must» for a model who want to express beauty.

She liked to look a bit dangerous

Back in the days when I was working as a professional photographer the girls who wanted to be models had to do fashion shows too. To be accepted by a model agency you had to be tall and walk «in a very special way”. Norwegian women are tall compared to many others but the girls I preferred to use as models were ordinary girls, and I gave a damn wether they were tall or small.

I looked for women who stood out from the crowd and I really found it with AnneGrethe.