One day, it must have been in the beginning of spring,
AnneGrethe came to my studio for no reason.
She had been out shopping new leather clothes.
It was spring. The sun was shining. And she was bored.
I had in fact a lot to do but I was as bored as she was.
Spring has that effect on me.
I don’t like the sun …

An out-take from the book. I like it though.

We decided to play with light and camera and just do some shots just for fun.
No makeup and with her new leather clothes.
After she left I developed the films and especially one of the shots was very good.

Outstanding I will say.

I made a paper copy in 40×50 cm right away, framed it and hung it on the wall.
A couple of days later AnneGrethe was visiting me again. She was in a good mood because we should do some photographs later that week. Suddenly she spotted the picture hanging there and her face frowned.

«So you have got a new model?» she asked in a very hostile tone.

I worked with several models and she was used to that but it was obvious that she disliked this particular model inn a way I never had seen before. There was a long silence and I had problems to keep my mouth shut …

I looked at her as she watched the picture and she didn’t manage to hide her jealousy at all!
Then I could not hold back the laughter anymore and said; «AnneGrethe it’s you, don’t you see it? Don’t you recognize yourself?»
She went closer to the photograph and suddenly she embraced me and I think that tears came in her eyes.

I believe she sat watching the picture for at least one hour and she refused to go before I promised her a copy.
Of course I gave her that 🙂

I haven’t used that picture in this blog post as I will not publicize too many pictures from my book.