«The human body itself plays an important role in creating the eye-catching form of these pieces; Fuller displays a natural sense of space and shape, her poses and facial expressions challenging the binaries between clean and dirty, and professional and fun/flirty.»

From the review by Cori Amato Hartwig

From “When the Crowd Cries”

The naked body has inspired artists for centuries, but for me, nudity has been the way to the naked soul …
I know that it is a rather selfish thought to try to penetrate another person’s soul but that is what I do when I am shooting a new picture. That is why I use a very long time to finish what I try to achieve.
It can take hours or even days and of course, sometimes I fail.

I have decided to show two more of the pictures in «When the Crowd Cries».
Today it is the naked AnneGrethe and another one will come in a week or may be longer.

I am working on my next book and I have already started to worry that the time is too short. It is scheduled to be published in April 2018.