The need to move on


The need to move on

October 23, 2017
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It has only been five months since I published my first book and I am already
started working on two new books.

In many ways I feel that «When the Crowd Cries» has been there for years.
Longer than I was aware of myself.
And finally, I gave AnneGrethe the recognition she deserved.

AnneGrethe modelling for Brika

The cook book on the other hand has always been there.
Even as a young boy I dreamed of making my own old fashioned cook book but all the «important things» in my life have put an end to that.
Not any more.

When I scanned all the pictures of AnneGrethe I also came across a lot of my old negatives. Pictures I had forgotten all about. Models I barely remember.

I will not conceal the fact that «When the Crowd Cries» hasn’t been a great success if you measure it from an economic aspect. From a personal view though it has been a huge step forward!
I am really inspired to work more and harder to put my ideas to life.

I have already had a blog about food and cooking for some years. You may think that it will easy combine with the making of a cookbook.
It don’t!
When I do my blog posts I make food we actually are going to eat to dinner.

Making a book is different. I have to try different recipes and different ways to make the food.
We eat all the food though, but sometimes I have to try several times to get it right.
This is a slow process indeed and I expect to use the next two years to make the book.

«The Man Outside the Window» is scheduled for release in April next year.
If I stick to my plans there will be a lot more text than in my first book!

The title reflects how I feel when I work with models.
It is a bit like looking into people’s souls without participating in their life.


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