“When the Crowd Cries” is finally released


“When the Crowd Cries” is finally released

May 14, 2017
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At last 🙂
My first book «When the Crowd Cries» was released yesterday, both on Apple’s «iBook» and Amazon’s «Kindle»!
I must admit that I am a bit proud of myself. It has been hard work indeed but I have learned a lot in the process and I do know that the hardest path lays ahead;

The promotion of the book.

When the Crowd Cries

One very important thing I must say though. I used several days in trying to find out how to transform the book from ePub3 to «Kindle». There was a lot of solutions on the net but no one seemed to work for me. The lay-out of the book turned out totally messed up every time I tried, regardlessly what program I used for the conversion.
At last I found out that Amazon accept ePub3 and do the conversion themselves!
So if you are working on a project like me just concentrate on the work in «Adobe InDesign» and export your work in ePub3.

Today I have started on a list of magazines and press contacts and there will be more about the book on my blog «My Portfolio» – http://bandana.no in a couple of days.
Our National Day are on the 17th of May so a lot of this week goes away with celebration …

Anyway, I do hope you wish me luck.

I do need it 🙂

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